Cold Water Extraction

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Cold Water Extraction

Multiple problems arise after water damage strikes. Water abatement, natural flooding disaster or a leaking toilet calls for cold water extraction services. Contact our professional cold water extraction specialists to prevent further permanent damage. This service requires professional equipment and attention.

At Lake Forest Water Damage we make the process as easy as possible, for you. You are wasting precious time trying to remove standing water without industrial equipment. Our highly trained and certified staff will get the job done right the first time, every time.

During our years of experience, we have seen it all and have developed solutions for all types of cold water extraction jobs. We came up with a very non-intrusive solution when it comes to extracting cold water after a disaster, to affect your property as little as possible. We developed “in-place” technology to eliminate water from both carpet and pad at the simultaneously.

All our experts are trained and certified by the IICRC and are ready to handle any water disaster you are facing with maximum care, attention and responsibility while also obeying rules and regulations imposed by our field of activity.

Cold water extraction job process:

• Infra-red camera detect concealed water
• Submersible pumps to pump high-level water
• Light wand water extraction tool for carpet cleaning
• Drag wand mid-way water extraction tool
• Water claws for carpet and pads
• Ridable water extraction tools

Lake Forest Water Damage is your number 1 partner whenever you find your home or office under water. With a highly-reliable and serious team we have the right solutions for you and only 30 minutes away! Call us day and night at 949-284-4257 and get rid of all water fast and efficient!


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