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Fire Damage Restoration

When fire occurs, do not panic. Look for safety exits and leave the house. The wise thing to do is if the fire started in a room, get out and contain the fire by closing rooms and doors. This will help you in keeping the rest of the house safe at least for a while.

Do not, in any circumstances try to fight the fire yourself. Just call the fire department and leave the extinguishing to them. And after the chaos has been handled, leave the damage repair to us. That’s right. Lake Forest Damage has recently introduced fire damage services in Illinois. We have hired experts who are fully equipped to clean fire damage from your house. It is not a big deal if you call the professionals because this will help you take the worry off of your head.

Fire Damage Safety Tips:

• Evacuate the house immediately
• Call the fire emergency department
• Check on the safety of your family members
• When the fire is out, do not enter the property till a fire safety officer says so
• When it is safe to enter, wear gloves and a breathing mask. You must also wear a helmet if it was a structural fire. If you are asthmatic. Avoid going inside the house.
• Open all the doors and windows to get the air moving
• Do not walk over the fire rubble to prevent it from spreading
• Walk wall to wall as you move around the house to stay safe from loose concrete structures
• Also walk steadily because water from fire extinguishing mixed with the soot can be very slippery
• Contact fire damage restoration experts for a follow up on what to do next. If it is small fire damage, you can consult them for home cleaning tips instead of hiring the company for a complete renovation.
• Do not eat anything exposed to fire even if it is canned. Wash your hands after touching fire damaged things.

Lake Forest Fire Damage is a complete fire damage restoration solution. Fire damage has the tendency to become severe if you delay restoration. Fire has deep impacts. A small looking patch of soot on the ceiling is likely hiding a bigger issue beneath its surface. That is why you need professionals at Lake Forest to assess house restoration work. Lake Forest Fire Damage Restoration is insured and licensed bonded by CSLB #958554. It is also accredited by Better Business Bureau.

We also deal in water damage restoration if that is an issue which has risen due to the fire damage.

Professionals at Lake Forest Fire Damage Restoration:

• Highly qualified
• Trained according to IICRC standards
• Provide free consultation
• Well equipped with latest fire damage clean up machinery
• Communicate progress in fire damage clean-up to customers from time to time
• Skillful at every process of fire damage restoration.

Lake Forest Fire Damage Restoration Services:

• Free consultation
• 24/7emergency service
• Quick response at fire damage scene
• Storage facility
• Water damage clean up facility
• Smoke remediation
• Furniture and upholstery clean up
• Odor elimination

At Lake Forest Fire Damage Restoration, we guarantee that smoke and soot clean-up will be done 100% effectively. We will make the air clean and breathable and your house habitable. It will be like the house fire never occurred. We are new to fire damage but have the most experienced team available in Illinois. So don’t think of when, how and what. Just pick up the phone and let Lake Forest Fire Damage take hold of the clean-up.

We will definitely become your favorite.

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