Fire Sprinkler Water Damage

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Fire Sprinkler Water Damage

Fire sprinklers accidentally discharge, and it can severely damage your commercial property if you don’t act fast. Contact Lake Forest Water Damage for a complete restoration of your fire sprinkler damage.

Common factors of fire sprinkler damage include device overheating, mechanical damage and

Lake Forest Water Damage certified technicians are fully equipped with the latest tools perform emergency clean-up and complete drying and restoration procedures for such cases

Water is bursting from your fire sprinkler causing major damage to your floors, ceiling and building’s structure and you don’t know what to do! Contact Lake Forest Water Damage 949-284-4257 now!

24/7 emergency services and the best response time in the area – less than 30 minutes!

Don’t treat this incident lightly. Leaving standing water to fester can cause mold formation and ultimately destroy a building’s structure and begin to affect the health of those within the building.

Give us a call right away at 949-284-4257 and you will have your water issue taken care of immediately!


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