On Call Water Damage Technicians Available 24/7/365




The key factor in any restoration process is time. Therefore, do not waste any more of it and call us the moment you spot your water disaster. If we step in in the first few hours we are able to save more of your belongings and reduce the total restoration cost significantly. You can avoid causing permanent harm to your possessions if you allow us to start a complete restoration plan as soon as possible including several actions like:

• Water Extraction
• Advanced Fast-Drying
• Cleanup & Disinfection
• Sewage Removal
• Temporary Off-Site Storage
• Waste Disposal

Even if it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose temper when water strikes, we advise you to keep calm and do the following things that might help you a lot:

– Call Lake Forest Water Damage immediately!
– Turn off the main water source
– Do not unplug any applicances that were in contact with water before you have turned off the breaker
– Remove any objects that could damage the wet carpet

Under no circumstances should you try to eliminate the water using your domestic vacuum cleaner. It will ruin it and expose you to unwanted electrical shock that can even be lethal. We can start doing this for you in less than 30 minutes from your call at 949-284-4257!

Our job isn’t finished until we extract all standing water from your property. We keep in mind existing damage to the site in order to prevent further property damage. Our restoration process is the best in the business as we use high-volume fans and submersible pumps to remove all standing water. We focus on the concealed water spots you might miss otherwise to prevent mold formation on site. Get in contact with Lake Forest Water Damage for a 24/7 availability and 30 minute response time.

We understand water damage is a serious problem, and we are ready to offer full restoration procedures when you contact Lake Forest Water Damage


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